Mixed Dried porcini mushrooms are a complete product. It is a mix of four families of mushrooms that create excellent results in the kitchen.
The reference MIXED MUSHROOMS is the best selling product in the frozen version and in a preserved in oil version.

The ingredients are MIXED MUSHROOMS in varying proportions: shii take, champignons or similar, plerotus and boletus.

Cod.PRODOTTONETTO g.Espositore cravatta xEspositore cartella xCONF. per cartoneCod. EAN
0077MISTI CON PORCINI busta1012 x 22410 x 3*8002970010661
0078MISTI CON PORCINI busta2012 x 2158 x 3*8002970027898
1138MISTI CON PORCINI sacchetto automatica60//13^8002970112440
0079AMISTI CON PORCINI sacchetto automatica80//10^8002970157724
0084MISTI CON PORCINI cestino30//1280712237