The lyophilized is an invaluable help in the kitchen; it is a quick and easy way to aromatize your dishes.
An innovative process allows to maintain all the flavor.

The lyophilized boletus mushroom and artichoke are very easy to use. You can use at will in your recipe for making it more rich and delicious.

The use is versatile because it allows you to enrich the flavor of all your dishes, the sauce, the soup, the rice, the meat, etc …..
HOW TO USE: using directly WITHOUT SOAKING in any recipe.

Cod.PRODOTTONETTO g.Espositore cartella xCONF. per cartoneCod. EAN
0122PORCINI busta alluminata151515 x 3*8002970011224
0032PORCINI barattolo spargitore106 x 1*8002970112136
0080PORCINI barattolo spargitore8018002970027805
0022FUNGHI MISTI barattolo106 x 1*8002970112648