Verona 1920

The origins of our Company date back in the early ‘900s, when in a small laboratory of the old town centre of Verona, Riccardo Merlini, father of the current and homonym owner, started the manufacturing of the general vegetable products and in particular of wild forest mushrooms, conserving them according to the tradition of ancient Mediterranean recipes.
Since that moment Merlini has come a long way and today it is certainly the company that maintains, in the specific sector, its high specialization which is recognised worldwide.
Manufactures are various and consequently also the productive processes that Merlini mushrooms withstand before to be intended for consumption: fresh, dry, preserved, frozen and lyophilized, Merlini mushrooms are used to satisfy any kind of requirement, both of the private consumer and the professional operator.
A team of people, dedicated to the control and analysis, constantly checks raw materials and end products.
The rational and optimal plant organization that, in addition to the expert manual process of the products, guaratees an accurate selection and a perfect cleanliness of the product, also though the automation of the manufacturing and packing process phases.
Quality assurance of all the products is due to many years of experience that our company has acquired in food preservation field.
Professionalism, expertise, quality and experience are the guarantee of the “Merlini” mark: a hallmark of a product that more than any other deserves confidence.


The Merlini management has decided to pursue a mission that, arising from international principles of quality guarantee, aspires to be a leader on the international stage for the processing, packing and commercialization of wild mushrooms and other cultivated vegetables and mushrooms. The mission, for reach the excellence of the products, develops through the following statements:

  1. Customer-oriented organization

Merlini Company depends on its Clients and therefore aims to understand their present and future demands, to the purpose to comply their requisite, aiming to overcome their same expectations.

Insofar Merlini works for individualize and understand the demands and expectations of the Client, assuring that the objectives and the finishing lines of the organization are coherent with how required by the Client. These demands are signalled to the whole organization.


  1. Leadership

The Management has established unity of intents and of direction of the organization. It has created and it is maintaining an inside environment that fully involves the personnel in the pursuit of the objectives of the organization.

Considering the demands of all the interested parts, Clients included, owners, personnel, suppliers, local communities and the society in general, it creates, and sustains common values and models of ethical and correctness rules to all the levels of the organization.


  1. Involvement of the staff

People, to all the levels, constitute the essence of the Merlini and their full involvement allows to set their abilities to the service of the organization.

Motivation, correspondence, personnel’s involvement, innovation and creativeness in the attainment of the organization’s objectives: or rather the continuous improvement.

  1. Food safety

Food safety is the greatest guarantee to which the company aspires.

To guarantee the safety of its own products, beginning from the raw materials up to the packaged product that comes on the table of the consumers, the company has set in the time different strategies, methods of prevention and removal of the contaminations. To invest in the safety of the product is the company policy.


  1. Continuous improvement

The continuous improvement is the permanent objective of the organization of the Merlini.

Establishing finishing lines for the continuous improvement, with the direct engagement in all the phases of the production chain, the company succeeds in answering with promptness and flexibility to the opportunities that arise.


  1. Mutual benefits with suppliers

Merlini and its suppliers are interdependent and a relationship of mutual benefit improves, for both, the ability to create value.

Establishing relationships able to balance the earnings to short term with logics of long term, sharing experiences and resources with the main partners, the company has identified and selected the main suppliers with which it has individualized joined activities for the development and the improvement, suggesting, encouraging and recognizing the improvements and the reached objectives.