``La Bottega dello Gnomo``

“La Bottega dello Gnomo” is the store sign of the shops that distribute the Merlini products. What unites all these shops are the products placed in sale that reflect the productive and commercial choice of the company: specialities based on mushrooms (spontaneous or cultivated, dry, in oil or frozen), vegetables (including grilled vegetables ) in oil and frozen, frozen mixed berries,, seasonings, sauces, creams, jams, as well as generally forest products.
Our objective is to offer the best products the forest and the nature offer us in terms of alimentary products.

And all these products are available in various formats and packages (sacks, glass vases, jars,gift baskets for every recurrence) for better satisfying the demands of each customer. Furthermore, for better knowing this natural habitat, it is possible to find books and publications on the world of the mushrooms, as numerous recipe books full of useful suggestions and easy culinary preparations.

Finally, it is possible to find clothes(jackets, hats, berets, shirts) and various accessories (pocket knives, scrapers, compasses, guides) useful for our forest excursions and for our trips.
If you are interested in having more detailed information, please send us an e-mail.

“La Botteghe dello Gnomo” are located:

  • SOMMACAMPAGNA (VR) – Via dell’industria 1 – CAP 37066
    045 8769338 *  FAX 045 8960772 * loGnomo@merlini.net
  • From Monday to Friday: 9:30 / 12:30 – 15:00 / 19:00
  • Sabato: 9:00 / 12:30

If you are an entrepreneur or you want to become it…
For you Merlini makes available a program of affiliation and of franchising.
The Franchising has a particularly innovative formula that allows you, with a minimum investment, the realization of the project.
You make the location and your entrepreneurial abilities available, we will put our experience and our products.
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