The mushrooms “LO GNOMO” are boletus mushrooms of good quality. The product is selected by drying, it is packaged by hand and it is a reference of sales success in view of its historicity.

Cod.PRODOTTONETTO g.Espositore cravatta xEspositore cartella xCONF. per cartoneCod. EAN
0067PORCINI busta1012 x 12410 x 3*8002970010111
0012PORCINI busta2012 x 12410 x 3*8002970010128
0027PORCINI sacchetto8015^8002970010272
0018PORCINI sacchetto20068002970010180
0024PORCINI sacchetto45368002970010241
0028PORCINI sacchetto1.00028002970010234