The mushrooms “LO GNOMO” are boletus mushrooms selected and sun dried. This line is characterized by the type of packaging dubbed “GOOD AND DISORDERED”; the mushrooms of this package are mechanically packed in disorder.
This product is appreciated by many years from G.D. and D.O. This is a line that allows more versatile production schedules. This line is ideal for quality and service.

Cod.PRODOTTONETTO g.Espositore cravatta xEspositore cartella xCONF. per cartoneCod. EAN
0011PORCINI busta1012 x 12415 x 3*8002970137368
0040PORCINI busta2012 x 12410 x 3*8002970000402
0033PORCINI busta30//24^8002970010333
0014PORCINI busta40/158 x 3*8002970000495
0002PORCINI sacchetto75//128002970010029
0019PORCINI sacchetto125//208002970010197
0029PORCINI sacchetto200//68002970145844